The City is a web-based software we use to help connect people into our community, build deeper relationships, mobilize service & mission, and proclaim the Gospel.


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Find what will be going on throughout the week. Whether it’s a church-wide event or just within your Community Group, you can find it here.



Keep up to date on the latest announcements for all of Crossroads.



Have a question or thought about the sermon? Maybe you’d just like to open up a thread on a topic of your choice. Feel free to begin discussion with anyone within Crossroads!

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If you are in need of help in any way, feel free to reach out to anyone within Crossroads anytime.



Instead of trying to contact someone by Facebook/email/text/etc. We are all located in one place on The City. The City is not a substitute for community, but it is a supplement to community that keeps us in touch and updated throughout the week on what’s going on and how to serve.

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