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What is Community Group?

These are weekly gatherings in apartments, condos and homes all around Morgantown. These groups are where people pursue discipleship, community and mission. Community Groups really are the heart of Crossroads.

The church is meant to be more than just a Sunday club; it is a place where disciples are made and grown. Community groups are the central place where gospel transformation happens. They are the ‘scattered’ half of the community equation. We encourage everyone who gathers with us on a Sunday to be involved in a Community Group, rather than just slip into anonymity. This is where Crossroads becomes more than an event; this is where it becomes a spiritual home.

What to Expect?

Groups are similar in structure, though there is a great deal of variety. On a normal evening, the group will discuss the current study and really wrestle with how to apply its truths to our lives. There will be prayer and some time for hearing what the Lord is doing in our lives. Some weeks a group may decide to mix it up and spend some time serving the city. Or you may make a meal together and spend time getting to know each other better.

The groups are very casual; there is no pressure to have all the right answers or all the pieces together. It really is all about drawing closer to each other and to Jesus.

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